1:1 Mentorship with Ashley

You already have the Magic Inside you! Allow me to Activate your Soul through my Mentorship program! Lets transform your life so that you can create the reality you have Envisioned & Dreamed of!

You Don’t Fit In a Box

My Signature 6 Month 1:1 Mentorship program is the BEST way to work with me! You Ready? APPLY BELOW & TO Schedule a call to see if you’re a good fit!

Not Ready to Commit to that yet? Just need some drop in support? I am now offering solo sessions for a limited time to support you with with any breakthroughs, intuitive biz/brand guidance you may have, mixed with some energy healing, channeling & life coaching based off of your needs.

1:1 Mentorship

Snag your spot in my exclusive one on one Illuminate Your Life, Brand & Biz Program. This Mentorship Experience is catered to you, the person who struggles with figuring out how to stand out as an individual brand & biz. If you are wanting deeper connection to your Intuition & Clarity, You’re done with feeling lost & uneasy in your skin & are ready to show up more clear & confident as yourself.

In this 6 Month immersive program we will get together 3x a Month, to discuss your goals, shift your mindset from average to magical, connect to your intuitive gifts, identify your personal brand that is as magical as YOU, curate your Instagram to your newly found brand colors & theme, create your own unique style & teach you how to pose, take pictures, show up on Video for IG/FB Live, IGTV, IG Stories, Reels & TikToks and live & breathe your own unique brand, so that you standout in a sea of same color fish! You will be guided through a customized experience catered to your needs to support you to transform your Brand & Biz completely & successfully. You will learn to Trust Yourself, Own Your Voice, Show up as a Leader and Authority & Command Your Presence with Confidence! I will provide you with the tools you need to elevate your business and brand!

This is highly intensive & lucrative. Every prospective client must book a consultation as there is limited slots in my one on one Experience!

Katie Schmidt

“Ashley Spedale was undoubtedly sent to me by the Universe. From the first voice text, to every breakthrough I had during our time together, it was fate that I worked with that magnificent unicorn of a human. Her support was unwavering, and her tenacity to watch my dream come alive was inspiring. There were times when she was more dead set on my success than I was, and that is EXACTLY what you want in a coach. Ashley introduced me to opportunities that lead to a paradigm shift in my life of which I am eternally grateful. She is a master at reading between the lines, and knowing what would best serve you, when you may not see it yourself. I will absolutely be working with Ashley again, and I can’t wait to create more magic with her! If you’re looking for someone to support your mental, emotional, physical and financial growth – Ashley Spedale is who you need to meet.”

The Experience

  • 6 Month Mentorship 1:1 Experience

  • 4- 60 minute calls Each Month

  • Unlimited access to me via Voxer, text & audio message in between sessions

  • Any meditations, journaling prompts, exercises & worksheets you may need

Who This is For

Women who invest in this package are seeking a high level of support in a one on one container to magnify & illuminate the magic within them.

Do you know you are meant to connect with you intuitive gifts on another level to be of greater service to the world?

Are on your Spiritual Awakening Journey?

Are your a heart-centered Coach, Lightworker, Healer or Starseed looking to activate your Magic to another level?

Are you feeling lost in your personal branding & biz & don’t quite know how to stand out?

Do you feel like you don’t really know the mood/vibe you’re creating online?

Are you confused on your personal identity & how to show up like YOU authentically?

Do you find it difficult to create content visually & piece it together?

Are you unclear on how to show your unique personality online?

Do you want to create a long lasting Community through sharing your mission?

Are you getting lost in thinking you NEED funnels & systems to be Successful online?

Do you want to create partnerships with local business’ & with Brands online & get paid for your Content?

Are you seriously ready to work with a mentor that can Hear your Message & See your Soul, then Curate with you a Powerful Brand Aesthetic & Personal Style that Matches your Vibration, Build an Online Biz & Align you to your most Authentic Self?

The Magic is Within You

My 6 Month Experience is a multiple 5 figure investment & is only for you if you are ready to do the inner work, transform & do whatever it takes to move into the next evolution of your Soul, personal identity & come Home to Your true Essence. I hold you accountable to show up, my shit works; if you work- I cannot make you do it- you have to believe in yourself & deeply know you are doing it for yourself.

Together we will elevate your self awareness & business. I will hold you accountable to do the work I have guided & taught you, but I can not be there to embody it within yourself by yourself, take your pictures, upload it to your Instagram and website, etc. this must be done by you. You have to commit to wanting to create your own unique transformation, magical brand & biz that stands out from all the rest, but YOU must do the work to get there with my guidance, of course.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, build your connection to spirit, strengthen your confidence & self worth & stand out by being your most magically authentic self then I would LOVE to work with you! Take a sec to fill out the application below and we will be in contact!

Keileigh Houston

I came across Ashley on Instagram and was immediately captivated by not only her beautiful pink hair, but her energy that came through in every single story that I watched. We chatted back-and-forth a few times and she always offered me support, words of encouragement, and advice. I was honored to be part of her aligned and branded mentorship program in 2020. To say my life has been changed would be putting it lightly. I had hoped to find some clarity in what path I should take, career wise. To find ways in which I might be able to make money online while serving others. I’ve always struggled with confidence, not believing I will amount to much. I went into this course expecting one thing and left with much more than I could have ever imagined. I gained unbelievable  friendships with the most amazingly strong women. I gained a deeper understanding of who I am, what I’m called to do and my strengths. The insight I have is priceless. The confidence I have in myself is priceless.. I am clear on who I am. Where I am going and how I’m going to get there. Ashley has such a beautiful spirit that comes through every single time I interact with her. She’s straight forward and has the most intriguing patience and ability to help others see their worth. I watched with amazement as she guided each of us in our own direction, while being sensitive to each of our struggles. I could go on for paragraphs galore. My mindset is changed, which has inspired my 10yr old son too. Together we made vision boards, together we write in our journal about every little thing we are grateful for. His confidence has sky rocketed and he knows he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. All because he sees his Mama do the same. Ashley brought out the parts of me I always knew were there but nobody else believed they were. I’m forever grateful! Anytime I get a chance to speak about my experience with Ashley I jump at it! She was one of my brightest lights in 2020.

Solo Intuitive Magic Sessions

The 6 Month Commitment isn’t for you Right now? This is Perfect Opportunity for you to get some drop in Support, Breakthroughs, Guidance, Energy Healing, Tapping & Coaching!

We can go over IG Strategy, Biz Guidance, Personal Branding, Brain Re-Wiring, Manifestation, Abundance, Relationships, Intuitive Abilities, Embodiment Flow & Card Pulls. Let me know how I can best support you!


$555 NOW $444 (Limited Time) for 60 Minutes


$222 for 30 Minutes

Schedule a Call & I can’t wait to Create some Magic with you!