Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley Spedale

I have a slight obsession with the Moon & Stars, Crystals, my yorkie Zeus, my kitty Jupiter, Iced Matcha Lattes, Manifesting, Avocados, Rainbows, my Plant babies, tacos, unicorns, Chasing sunsets & alternative/indie rock. I’m also a Vegetarian & I don’t drink alcohol. However I am a huge advocate for some plant medicine like mushrooms if used in an intentional healing space!

I’m a makeup artist (among other creative talents) turned Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Channel, Transformational Energetics Coach, Conscious Medium, Energy Healer & Host of the Brunch with the Universe Podcast! I support Entrepreneurs, Heart-Centered Leaders, Healers, Lightworkers & Coaches to create a unique style that aligns with them so that they can feel confident & aligned in all areas of their Life, Brand & Biz! My intention is to support you to coming home to you- your soul through Energetics, Connecting to your Intuition, through embodiment to your highest version of yourself. I’ll be guiding you to gain Clarity on your identity, help you curate content & your message, attract the people you desire into your biz & personal life, breakthrough any limiting beliefs, blocks or fears & heal them so that you can discover your truth & authentic self and show up feeling Confident in your own skin online & in real life!

My Story

I’ve been an entrepreneur for years. First running my own business as a makeup artist, styling photoshoots, being published internationally & working on indie films, next starting a cupcake company called Glittle Cupcakes. To starting a pin line called Pineapple Pancakes. Running my lash extension business, Luna Lashes. To becoming a DJ & an Influencer/Content Creator creating my own brand & becoming a published Model & even making it onto a Billboard! I have over a decade of experience in the creative field of business.

I’m an introverted extrovert. So my fave thing to do is be at home having a dance party by myself with no pants on.. (No Pants Dance Party every damn day) I do however love to connect and meet people! I value friendships to my core.

I’ve struggled with anxiety most of my life, and I have been on medications. I decided at the end of 2012 to remove those from my life. They made me feel like a shell of a human being, like a zombie who was just numbed out. So this started the journey of figuring out how to heal myself and cope with it any type of natural way. This was the beginning of my Spiritual Awakening but I didn’t know it at the time. Meditation, EFT, Breathwork, Embodied movement, CBD, Microdosing Mushrooms and other exercises have been vital. I also have my dog Zeus who is a registered emotional support animal who has been trained to help me when in public places and traveling.

I am also an empath (we all are actually) and when I discovered this – it made me understand my life so much more. I know my limitations and when I need to recharge my energy. (in human design I’m also a Projector – so this may make more sense here) Once I learned this about myself I went on a journey and learned Reiki. Being a healer has always been in my soul.

A major event in my life that started this journey of understanding what it meant to be an empath was an encounter with a sociopath. I was in a scary emotionally abusive, toxic relationship & I had a huge wake up call. A light bulb went off and I realized I didn’t really love myself. I’ve had anxiety since being a kid so this spiked it even more, and my confidence was in the toilet at this point. I decided it all needed to change. This was that rock bottom moment that some people speak of where I almost lost everything.  Well I kinda lost a good portion of it.  I was homeless for a little & had to rehome my cat at the time. I hit rock bottom. This was the moment my first Spiritual Awakening occurred.  I knew my life was upside down & I was ready to do whatever it took to create a shift.  I’d try anything.  I read a ton of books & the things coming through in a lot of moments made me feel crazy.  I started to Meditate at this point and journal & listen to Self Love Affirmations. And slowly but surely with dedication and commitment my Life started to change.  I built up my Make Up Artistry & Lash Business to 6 Figures.  I knew my Soul was supposed to be on the West Coast so in the Fall of 2017 moved from NY to San Diego leaving behind everything I built to start Fresh.

Here is where everything shifted again!  I was already creating content & blogging.  My instagram exploded, my connections grew & my following rose up.  I started to get paid brand deals & speaking opportunities.  I decided to start DJing & taught myself!  I got to DJ major events in San Diego and work with Brands like Kendra Scott, Lulu Lemon, the Hard Rock Hotel, STK & Forever21.  People began to ask me how I was doing it & I shifted into the space of Coaching people on how to build a Personal Brand & Online Biz. I Launched my Podcast; Brunch with the Universe in 2018.  So many magical things were happening! 

In the end of 2019 I started to really work intimately with my Spiritual Gifts that I knew I had- & wanted to cultivate them more. Really tapping into my intuition, channeling & mediumship gifts; as well as energetics & manifestation. Immersing myself into Emotional Intelligence & Personal Development in person experiences & then Coaching over 100 students in their own breakthrough processes. I attended in person workshops & trainings such as NLP.  I slowly started to integrate them into my work with clients.  And in addition to all of that launched my clothing Brand MOONBEAMS & STARSHINE.

At the end of 2020 I lost my dad which then shifted things again into the space of really owning my Spiritual Super Powers even more.  My connection to Source magnified & there was absolutely no going back. Through my Grief journey it has allowed me to expand in ways I couldn’t have imagined, only furthering my ability to support the Collective in understanding Death, Emotions, Energetics, the Power of Your Mind, Manifesting, the Law of Attraction & the Law of Assumption. I’ve not stepped into the space of Consciousness Activation.  

My Mission

I’m here to connect with heart-centered humans who want to cause & create an impact in this world. Who want to be in contribution & leave a massive legacy.  We need more souls showing up & sharing their gifts with humanity to create a massive shift.  It’s my mission to guide powerful leaders & healers, light workers to continue to shine so brightly.  To be Seen- and most importantly first be ‘seen’ by themselves so they can be of greater service to the world.  It starts with you & ends with you always. Doing the inner work can be sticky & uncomfortable.  I wish I had someone years ago who understood what I was experiencing to guide me through the energetics & embodiment of understanding how to alchemize my emotions & transmute them to purpose.  And it’s my life’s work to support you to get to the abundance, relationships, connection to self & freedom you are craving by thriving & being & activating the magic that is already within you!


Are you ready?

I want to help you one entrepreneur to another discover yourself in the next level version, have a transformation & understanding of who you be & how you show up! And have a kickass biz that creates the life of your dreams! I know it’s difficult digging deep to find what aligns with you & what makes you stand out as an individual (hint hint its your energy)! Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you don’t really have the time to really figure it out on your own. I can help guide you to create the life that makes you feel authentic, you feel confident & your audience or anyone you’re trying to attract feels the need to connect & be empowered by your services or anything you have to offer- they will be magnetized! Shoot me a message! Lets Chat!