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Hi I'm Ashley Spedale

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I’m a Makeup Artist turned Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Channel, Energy Healer, Consciousness Activator & Transformation Energetics Coach.

My passion is guiding Lightworkers, Heart- Centered Leaders, Healers & Entrepreneurs to truly discover their identity & harness their Energy so that they feel Confident & Trust themselves in the way they show up overall in life. My mission is to take you to the space of embodying your Energy, Expressing Yourself & Alchemizing your Emotions so you can transmute your message, be in Contribution, have Emotional Intelligence, Create Wealth, Impact, leave a Legacy & step into Feminine Leadership.

My gift is igniting the Magic that already lies within your soul, seeing what’s possible for you when you can’t & unblocking anything that is standing in your way so you can be your most Authentic Magnetizing self!

Besides my yorkie Zeus, kitty Jupiter, plant babies, & tacos; I’m obsessed with Supporting You Through Your Spiritual Awakening, upleveling your Confidence, Connecting to your Intuition & understanding it, Expressing yourself, Connecting to your Divine Feminine Energy, Healing Your Traumas, helping you manifest & visualize, support you in overcoming fear monsters & pulling out what makes you unique so that when you walk in the room people turn their heads because your Energy is contagious & you can stand out in a way that you were truly meant to!

Ashley Spedale

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Step Back Into Your Purpose Meditation

Brunch With The Universe

The Brunch with a Universe Podcast is a show that has some of the most influential and empowering guests that share their entrepreneurial journey, their ups and downs, the nitty-gritty, plus tips and tricks to add value to your life!

Ashley also records solo podcasts to provide you with tools, resources, and teach you about how to create your personal brand and help ignite your magical unique identity you already have somewhere inside of you!

The intention of this podcast is to have you walk awayfeeling inspired, knowing you’re not alone, that you’ve learned something to help you with your life and overall that you are capable of doing anything you want in this universe. Let’s have brunch!


Ashley really is as magical as you think! First and foremost, she is a genuinely kind, supportive and warm person. This comes across immediately when you talk with, and start working with her…read more.

Ashley A.

Ashley Spedale is a branding queen and working one on one with her taught me the importance of discovering my personal brand and how to use simple tools and strategies…read more.
Emily G.
Working with you the past few months has been absolutely incredible! Not only have I walked away from this journey with you with an elevated Instagram and social media presence…read more.
Jenna S.